Thursday, August 21, 2008

The New Deck

The goose gives the deck a one tongue out. However the blinding light at the end of the deck is a little much...

Cross Bike Brake Shush

Uh oh.... the shush shush noise. The classic rhythm of hard earned energy being squandered and helping to speed up the heat death of the universe for no good reason. Here are some quick things to check.

1. Is the back wheel completely in the drop outs? (up into the frame "u"s as far as it can)

2. Are all the cables housings in the correct spots? Not hanging on the edges of the eyelets.

3. Are the brake pads lined up with the wheel rim? Right when the pad touches the wheel it should only touch the wheel and not the tire.

4. Does the brake pad hit the tire during any part of the travel?

5. When you spin the wheel does the wheel rim get closer and further from the pads?

Harleymom, next time you get an itch for a swim, drop by and I will take a look.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mountain Biking: Squealing Brakes

Hayes Trail disc brakes squealing like a pig? Try bonding the pads on with RTV High Temp silicon gasket maker. This is available at most auto parts stores. Just put a thin coat of the RTV on the back of the pads install and squeeze the levers for 24 hours. Elastic cords or thick rubber bands will hold the levers squeezing the pads. You want the pad bonded to the pistons not the housing. Ride on...