Monday, February 23, 2009

1st Shirt

Here is my first attempt at sewing a shirt. It's intended to be a mountain bike shirt. Unfortunately the cold rainy weather and a head cold have been keeping it off the trails.

It is made out a holey but tough polyester with spandex cuffs. I am hoping the holes are sufficient to not sweet to death and that the polyester keeps my flesh in tact when the rubber goes skyward. The pattern was made by roughly copying a combination of 3 shirts and in keeping with the hol(e)y theme it was made out of the Sunday paper and finished on a Sunday. Good or bad luck or just purely coincidence? I soon hope to find out.
For the next round... elbow pads. I only realized after I was done, that I couldn't really add elbow padding. It needed to be added before the sleeves were sewn into tubes.