Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sewing Time

In these apocalyptic economic times, it is time to figure out how to survive on our own. So for X-mas my cave wife got me a sewing machine. She of course got a Pfaff to match our German kraut making crock and highly designed German vacuum. Of course it came with many links to how to hem woman's pants. So of course my first real projects were for my Jeep. Here are some pictures of a bag I made that fits between the wind shield and the roll bar.

Yes, the machine is pink! Not exactly my favorite color but I can deal. Maybe other men would start sewing if they made them army green.

The wife picked out the red zippies. Which I have to say look quite good.It runs up the middle between the seats.

I found the limit of the Pfaff is 8 layers of nylon webbing. I am pretty impressed given that it is not an industrial machine. But it does have a walking foot thing that seems to help with many layers.

I also made some nylon door stops for the jeep out of nylon webbing. Those were 3 layers of nylon webbing and the Pfaff punched those out easy.


Leann I Am said...

Only a real man could sew on a pink machine.

Cave wife? You must explain...

wrenchy said...

We seam to be returning to older and older ways of doing things. But mostly our house is also as cold as cave during the winter.

chocolat said...

This is amazing. First of all, my mother is a seamstress/tailor of 30 years so you officially have her loyal fanship and admiration. She was amazed when I told her what you were doing! You are a real boy. Only a manly man of men, could do the things you do. I bow down to you oh King of Seams. You seem to be seamless in your work & design! Bravo, bravo!! :))